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Your raving fans demand more and you need help fulfilling it

You've poured your heart and soul into creating killer content, a great website and cultivating a raving fan base. But they want more. More content, more speed and more reliability.

Allow Vacares to step in and take that burden off of your hands. With more storage space, faster speed capabilities by tapping into our worldwide content delivery network and greater reliability via our dual hard drive and backup system, we'll take care of your hosting needs while you take care of your fans content needs.


When your whole business depends on your website running correctly at all times, you need to be 100% convinced that your web hosting company can handle your needs. With over 20 years of experience hosting membership sites, Vacares will always be there for you.


When your business depends on your website being fast and online with no problems, 24/7, you need answers and you need them fast. The Vacares knowledgebase and walk-throughs are loaded with information to help you on your journey and our support team is just a click away.


As a content creator, your expertise is in creating beautiful content that your fans can't get enough of. As a web hosting provider, Vacares' expertise is in making sure that your fans can view that content quickly and reliably on your website.

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  • In my 16 years of online business, Vacares is my 4th and last hosting company. They outperform everyone else in every aspect.

    Phil Customer

  • Vacares is highly attentive to the needs of my clients, and their support staff is responsive, experienced, and qualified. When it comes to managed dedicated server hosting, Vacares is my recommendation.

    Brandon R. Owner, PxO Ink LLC